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Monthly Working Meeting

February 9, 7pm to 9pm.

Our monthly meetings are a chance to share progress and work face-to-face. In the first half hour, each sub-group will present a short summary of their accomplishments and challenges since our last gathering. Next, we'll open it up to Q&A and a chance for anyone organizing an event to share their plans or pitch an idea. Finally, we'll conclude by breaking into our sub-groups for a chance to catch up and work face to face. New members can join an existing sub-group, existing members can rearrange, and new sub-groups can form as our numbers grow and the political climate evolves. 

Who Should Attend: 

Anyone who has read both the Indivisible Guide and full About section of our web site, who's ready to commit a couple of hours per week to working within a sub-group or planning an event.  

*Feel free to bring snacks or libations, because remember, "Saving Democracy is Fun!"

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