Our Conduct

The participants within this group are diverse and we will be respectful of differing opinions and beliefs. We are Democrats, Progressives, and Libertarians; we are Agnostics, Christians, and Jews; we are public school teachers, small business owners, physical laborers, professors, artists, and students. We are united to work in defense of equality, justice, and protection of the vulnerable. All official actions in the name of this group will meet the following guidelines:

  • We will make bold assertions of political opinion and scientific fact, but we will not condone petty criticism or personal mockery.
  • We will make specific, evidence-based arguments, not sensationalist generalizations.
  • Our action items and talking points will be guided by substance, siting credible news sources and reports (NY Times, Washington Post, Scientific American, academic papers, scientific articles, etc).
  • We will respect each other's rights to privacy. We will refrain from mentioning other group members by name on social media. We recognize that those of us who are minorities may face a greater risk in public action or confrontational behavior, and those of us with more privilege will use it to support those with less.
  • We are whole-heartedly anti-Trump – because it is immoral to compartmentalize or condone any aspect of a man who spews sexism, racism, authoritarianism, and xenophobia – but we will never stoop to his level. This is a resistance built on the values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness. We will never condone violence or destruction of property, and even if provoked we will remain peaceful.
  • This group will not claim any political affiliation, and we welcome all who wish to fight for our democracy.