Ways to Participate

Receive Action Alerts

Make phone calls on your own time

Phone calls to Members of Congress (MoC) are far more powerful than emails or petitions. Our weekly Action Alerts will provide all the information you need to make easy but powerful phone calls to address critical and timely issues, be they nominations, bills, or other pieces of legislation. If you'd like to get involved but are worried you don't have enough time, this is a great place to start. Just a few phone calls per week can make a difference! Sign up here →

Visit a District Office


Even better than a phone call is a personal visit to a MoC's district office! Cathy McMorris Rodgers' office in downtown Walla Walla is located at 26 E. Main Street, Suite 2. Pick an item from our Action Alert and go have a chat with one of her friendly staffers. Remember to be polite, it's a tough job to be a staffer, and positive communication will always go farther than venting or accusations.

Attend Events

hit the pavement and make some noise

We will be tracking our MoC's schedules for any public appearances they may make, and will be organizing to either engage or protest, as suggested in the Indivisible Guide. We will also plan our own public events, be they protests, performance art, fundraisers for local organizations, or sit-ins. We'll post information about official events here → 

Follow a Subgroup's Focused Work

Dig a little deeper into one issue

If you've been performing the weekly Action Alerts and you'd like to get even more involved, we recommend you pick an issue that really grabs your interest, and follow along more closely. Each of our subgroups has a sign up form on their blog pages (under "The Issues" tab) and you can subscribe to receive additional alerts, actions, information, and volunteer opportunities.

Join a Subgroup's Leadership Team

watch-dog, research, share

The power of our effort is rooted in our structure of subgroups. There is too much happening too fast for any one person to keep track of everything, but by dividing and conquering we can share the load. Subgroups focus on tracking just one issue or action area, such as the environment, education, or town hall meetings, creating their own in-depth action plans. When they identify an urgent issue worthy of the full group's attention, they report back to our head Alert Secretary to add it to the next Action Alert email.  Each subgroup has a Secretary (to compile and submit information), an Organizer (to plan and expedite events), and anywhere from 4 to 8 members. Joining a subgroup requires a couple of hours of time each week, and we recommend you think of it as at least a 3-month commitment. 

Attend A Full Group Meeting

share progress and Socialize face to face

Periodically we'll hold a full group meeting, sometimes for a presentation, sometimes just to socialize, sometimes for something somewhere in the middle! It's a great time to network, share stories, take a load off, and recharge. New members can join an existing subgroup, existing members can rearrange, and new subgroups can form as our numbers grow and the political climate evolves.